Just Another (Six-Month Anniversary) Saturday

      Reviewing that last post, I realized…last week Alex and I celebrated our six month wedding anniversary!  Rather, last week marked our six month wedding anniversary.  We didn’t celebrate, neither of us realized the occasion. Instead, we were adjusting to demands of married life (read: sharing money) and balancing communication between our time zones.  Personally, I am more interested in days we are in the same city, than pseudo-occasions like half-anniversaries.
      Newlywed life has made me scrappy like that. Or realistic, perhaps. 

      Living a life intended for two by oneself is like putting both feet into the same pant leg and wondering why the hell don’t these jeans fit?  My badly-dressed days are wearing me down.  I already embrace homemaking tasks as a small comforts from menial aspects of living alone in a new city.  Would I rather re-purpose an empty spaghetti sauce jar for creative storage or figure out how to haul clean laundry from the laundromat two blocks away, on a rainy day, when I just yesterday lost my umbrella?  Or, is it more appealing to rearrange the three pieces of living room furniture to maximize ‘natural light’ or heckle with Comcast over a mysterious $96.58 charge on the monthly bill?  

     Let’s not forget graduate school – the reason for being in Boston! 
Try as I may to wholly focus on assignments, this cavernous apartment comes to life with mocking creaks every time it catches me in a silent moment.  It is enough to send me into a fit of re-decorating counter-attacks.

      I like to think I’m smoothing the road for Alex’s move in by suffering through these chores before he arrives.  Though I may just be exasperating myself in futility, because at the end of the day, these damn pants still fit funny.  
This is a post from the blog, The Unconventional Newlywed.

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