Promotional writing: The client is always right…except in this case

Let this be an example of my work writing for a client. A random, extreme topic and client demonstrate the ability to maintain an established (albeit unusual) voice.

Also, part of the reason I chose this particular client was in part due to my deep adoration of Spain and a roundabout means of researching the history and culture of a land in which I loved living (and to which I hope to eventually return).

CLIENT: Francisco Franco, Generalisimo of National Falange Española Party


  • Promote message of National Falange Party
  • Encourage army enlistment
  • Promote Generalisimo Franco as the head of the National Falange Española Party
  • Garner political and religious support for party


  • Males ages 14-50
  • The Catholic Church, religious Spanish citizens
  • Upper middle and upper class families who stand to lose wealth, capital to communism or populist governing


  • Use of propaganda language in favor of the National Falange side
  • Direct, active language to convey discipline of militarism
  • Focus on Franco in all aspects, emphasize his authority


  • High contrast and sharp lines for direct, authoritarian feel
  • Bright, eye catching colors to highlight key aspects of messaging
  • Simple color scheme to emphasize photos and headlines

Click here for PDF version: Francisco Franco webpage

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