Dreaming of a Stay-at-Home Husband

The latest from The Unconventional Newlywed

Some bunny must have read my last post. The day began as uneventful as any other Tuesday, until I received this perky little treat just after class:

Maybe it was because I had just posted the dirty dish blog on Facebook about an hour earlier, maybe it is because Alex is as charming and husbandly as a girl could hope before she plunges into the realities of mean ole marriage.

In any case…CLEAN DISHES! It was like a parade in my soul. 

Then, I arrive home.

It is like a parade in the entire apartment. I smell food, nay, I smell fresh food! I run to the kitchen (first to verify with mine own eyes, the legend of clean dishes – they actually were there) and see this!

English peas with onion! And made by the boy!

And this!

What is it? I don’t know, I don’t care, it smells great!
       All homemade and it is ready to eat as soon as I plop down my backpack. Wow! Is this what husbands in the 1950s felt like? Life is great! Let’s never give jobs to the husbands of the world so they can stay home and make dinner! 
       Of course, since this is Alex, the dinner shopping at the grocery store was not without the high-calorie, glutenous delights such as
Alex argues, “only 60 calories each!” I say, “who eats less than five?”
Sure, no high-fructose, but MAPLE SYRUP?  I’ll never want whole grain again.
       It was enough to set me into a frenzy of bouncing and giggles I did not know I had the energy to muster after starting the day at 6 am waiting in the rain for the bus that was 20 minutes late. Boys can be sweet after all. 
It was enough for this happy little clam to pour herself one of these:
Oh, who am I kidding? It is a school night and I’ve got homework. I really made myself a skinny calimocho.
A girl can pretend she still parties like a Spaniard.
        Dirty kitchen married life not so bad when it is dirtied by the husband who makes me dinner after a long day. In the end, I did not even ask if this is the work of a man guilted by the Internet whining of his blogging wife – why ruin the charm? I married this guy for a reason, there is a good chance he did this because, in his own eloquence:
SAT words are for weenies.

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