In Search of the Doldrums, part II

The latest from The Unconventional Newlywed

Lest it is unclear from the last post, despite the pride I hold my fluctuating lifestyle, I am still human. A normal, American human. Therefore, I am desperately seeking a life of stability filled with money and lots of shiny things I bought on credit. 

Or, just the stability part. That’s what all this work is for, after all.

In fact, on days when the life in flux is particularly draining and I feel my motivation waning, I, in the spirit of American tradition, turn to online porn to boost my spirits. 

Cabin porn, that is. A glimpse of the tranquil life ideal. Try it for yourself; check out the window panes on this feisty Icelandic:

Doesn’t the mere look at her make your heart skip a beat?

I like to look at these beauties and imagine that all this work of graduate schooling, city apartment living and part-time latte making is saving up my cabin life karma.

One must earn her way into a home like this.

      Cabin life karma is the kind of magic that works like elves building Alex and me a wee lil cabin in some obscure land where all these communication skills will be for naught.

Note all the books inside. Cabins are very productive places, you see.

Okay, not for naught. I can write books or manage some fine company’s social media and public relations remotely. Yes, I assume this far-off land of my dreams has high-speed WiFi. 


This is where I shall learn to be a real, homesteading wife…eh, maybe.

Given a few hours of cabin porning, I’ll emerge – dazed, dreamy and yearning for adventure – to discover a bit more motivation has gathered within me…and back to the textbooks I go. 

For now, this unconventional life is adventure enough.

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