Online Book Club

The following are the framework of an online book club mock-up. Called ‘Writers on Writing,’ the club was designed as an online-exclusive community under the Random House publication company, to attract and engage writers of distinct and distinguished literary taste.

Writers on Writing online book club homepage

Or, click here: bookclub_homepage

The club also includes several perks, a monthly book list, for starters. This example uses the month of March, which happens to celebrate International Book Day:

March’s selection of books, page 1.
March selection of books, page 2.

And the link version, Bookclub_booklist.

Additionally, this club features a monthly interview with an author of note. For March, the author is A.C. Hall, who recently published a collection of short stories based upon her travels in Europe:

Q & A with Author AC Hall
Random House interviews AC Hall for the monthly Q & A

And here is the link, in case that works better: Bookclub_authorQA

Finally, this club also has an interactive component. Called the Writers’ Den, it is a forum for members to post their writings for the honest and ruthless review by their book club peers:

Writers' Den forum in the book club
The Writers’ Den – where Writers on Writing go to exercise their editorial skills and ask for the feedback of their peers.

Would you like to see the writersden_bookclub in PDF?



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