Back to the Glory Days of the Future

Welcome to another post from The Unconventional Newlywed

Here’s the tricky thing about no longer being in graduate school yet not having that elusive career yet…there’s a hell of a lot of free time haunting me now.

And Alex isn’t around to entertain me with losing streaks of Monopoly.

So what’s a freshly minted master to do? A mountain of thinking. That’s what I just paid my my future 20 years’ salary for, the academic guidance on the proper way of never ceasing to think.

If only I could find a job to pay me to do this. 

Pish posh. This is America, after all.

America is the problem to everything in this country! Let me explain.

Another flailing jog about Chestnut Hill Reservoir with Bruce Springsteen rocking out in my ears taught me why being newlywed and newly mastered and newly unemployed is so damn frustrating and so un-happily ever after.

And the way I see it, if The Boss says something about ‘Murica, then God bless it, it’s the truth. Especially when belted out by such a dashing young Brucie:

Damn, those were good times. I was only a baby but I had a blast.

Now, however, America has a fascination with aspiration and achievement. America also has a nostalgia for the past, that long ago time when we didn’t fixate on acquisition and were more wholesome.

America is obviously nuts. Totally insane. We all know it and no one wants to admit it because that will ruin everything. Our big houses and expensive bills will be undermined with dopey intangibles like camaraderie and solidarity.


But it’s true. As critically thinking this wise master may be, I find myself yearning for those “glory days,” of yore. Those days when I traveled the world, met exotic people and ate strange things, when I was free to roam and had jobs when I needed them, money enough to move to another opportunity.

Then…that aspiration got to my head and I wanted more. I wanted to be happy AND have money! To be smart AND successful! To be beautiful AND intelligent!

Of course Facebook is responsible for much of thisSame for the Internetglobalization, that one boss who told me there is no future in web design, that one person who told me traveling is bad for my career and the rest of the people who think life experience is not as valuable as resume-d work experience.


I dare to belief my glory days are just about to begin. Go ahead, snicker. Wonder if I am too old, too ungrounded, too broadminded, too flippant, too ANYTHING.

My glory days will arrive and they will not be defined by salary or prestige.

They will be happy and resound with the chorus of a million hits by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Optimism with a side of idealismrooted in education and experience is the winning combination. I’ve got all that.

Disagree? Look at Bruce, he is still rockin’ and even he claims his glory days were somewhere in 1985. There is a least a little hope for me.

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