Low Budget Video Production/Editing

Working with shoestring budgets for a small, nonprofit organization(EcoLogic Development Fund) or with no budget, to prove value for future investment in new media (Incite Livermore), I produced videos to complement marketing and PR outreach for clients.

The following were created using FlipCam, Apple iMovie, in-house graphic design, original footage and/or client-provided still images, original audio and/or stock audio. 


Incite Livermore, We’re Getting Incited!


  • Build momentum for the opening of a new boutique personal training studio
  • Meet the owner/trainers
  • Convey the energy and fun atmosphere to be expected at the Incite studio
  • Sneak peak at studio preparation




Incite Livermore, Meet Incite


  • Build momentum for new boutique personal training studio
  • Introduce the owner/trainers
  • Convey the energy and fun atmosphere of business  
  • Sneak peak of studioDrive awareness of new Facebook Page for Incite, promote video shares, likes.


View more media at facebook.com/incitelivermore

EcoLogic, Welcome to Totonicapán, Guatemala


  • Explain issues within Guatemala work site
  • Share EcoLogic’s campaign
  • Solicit support
  • Complement overall Connect the Dots campaign, which features four countries in total
  • Drive awareness of EcoLogic’s mission.


EcoLogic, EcoLogic D.F. In the Field*


  • Share brief videos captured from field officers on site in South and Central America
  • Introduce three key field officers
  • Motivate internal (American) employees
  • Convey the fun, friendly culture of the organization



*this video was not produced for a public audience.

View all Connect the Dots videos I produced at http://www.youtube.com/user/EcoLogicDevFund/videos