Featuring Faces of Conservation

Conceived of a brief, visual campaign to satisfy important internal objectives for a State of California department:

  1. Demonstrate public support of employee work and contribution
  2. Emphasize brand value of data, expertise, natural resource authority
  3. Connect employees across disparate work locations
  4. Promote official Facebook channel and convert internal staff into followers

Called Faces of Conservation, the idea was to focus on the individual, get a snapshot of him or her in her “natural work environment,” and craft a caption and quote to support the four project goals.

I created the campaign, template, process for securing content (interviews, photos), guided graphics development and advised on strategy for ongoing publication. From there, the public affairs team picked it up and has run with it since.

Like many government – especially at the state level – the organization was resistant to sharing personal details on a public site and it took a few rounds of requests and negotiating to secure the initial featured staff. However, after the first three profiles, Facebook engagement had ticked up with each post, and remains at a consistently high level (views, likes, shares) compared or other posts and channels.

thumbnail gallery of Faces of Conservation profile photos