Website Management

Examples of website branding management, streamlined messaging, integration with multimedia and new media communication/outreach tools, revitalization of online business presence and persona.

Client: Fit Chick Fitness, an indoor women’s boot camp offered by Aura Lee, owner and personal trainer at Incite Livermore

Goals for new website:

1. Optimize web presence to drive business.
2. Support online shopping.
3. Integrate with existing online presence of Incite Livermore.
4. Revitalize image of Fit Chick Fitness to match the high-energy boot camp program offered.
5. Simplify day-to-day website maintenance for business owners.

Fit Chick Fitness – Before: 

Incite website_before
Screenshot of original website for Fit Chick Fitness, a personal training boot camp service offered by Incite Livermore.


  • Overly technical, coding-focused hosting platform prevented quick, timely content updates.
  • Fixed design and graphic elements. Client did not have the skill, time, desire to re-code.
  • No traffic measurement or monitoring
  • Not optimized for search engines or mobile platforms
  • Lack of branding
  • Stale imagery
  • Sloppy design

Fit Chick Fitness – After:   

FitChickFitness website_after
Screenshot of Fit Chick Fitness webpage after 2014 relaunch, featuring color scheme to complement brand and updated, sliding images.


  • Clean, compelling imagery conveys professionalism
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Soft color palate of business & logo
  • Features images of actual clients in action
  • New web host with simplistic WYSIWYG design options
  • Intuitive editing for color palate, layout, images, content. Multiple predesigned layouts are also available for quick overhauls.
  • Direct integration with MailChimp, the email marketing software used by Fit Chick Fitness.
  • Attractive page & thumbnail sharing via social media
  • Mobile optimized to work with multiple devices
  • Built-in integration with Google Apps such as Analytics, AdWords
  • Integrated with PayPal for online purchases

Measurement of Client Goal Success:

1. Optimize web presence to drive business?
YES: I selected as  the new webpage host for Fit Chick Fitness. The software of Wix is optimal for business owners with minimal website backend/coding experience, focusing on the What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) presentation of webpage updating. The coding is built-in, and step-by-step updates are provided within Wix as necessary.

2. Support online shopping?
YES: Integration with PayPal for one-click purchasing and online billing.

3. Integrate with existing online presence of Incite Livermore?
YES: Linked seamlessly to Incite Livermore’s Facebook Page, Twitter account, and business contact information.

4. Revitalize image of Fit Chick Fitness to match the high-energy boot camp program offered?
YES: New website management host enables WYSIWYG image editing, access to regularly updated royalty-free stock photos, pre-designed and customizable theme templates and color schemes.

5. Simplify day-to-day website maintenance for business owners?
YES: Wix offers basic website management for free. Customers can add-on services as needed, an a la carte model to replace the previous comprehensive website management package. This eliminates unnecessary overly technical features and functions and saves the business money by cutting excess fees for unused services.