Meet Staci

I’m a California girl wishing she had the chops to survive a Nor’easter and secretly wishing to live through one or two.

A Bay Area native, with stints in Boston and Madrid, I’ve recently begun to lay roots in Sacramento, seeking a challenge worthy of a wanderlusty, critical-eyed communications idealist-realist like myself.

In part due to these travels, I harbor a deep curiosity in international communications (and public transit) and believe that nowadays, with the world being flat, and all, an ear attuned for international affairs adds a layer of understanding to the local things we all do.

Circa 2011, Nebraska.

My approach to mass communication, multi-channel outreach, and overall digital content strategy is grounded in research and theory demonstrating that thoughtful media use and exposure can have significant and direct effects on ourselves and audiences.

A high need for cognition keeps me grounded – focused on creating day-to-day utility from complex business or government messaging – while my head is increasingly living in the cloud.

Critical media consumption extends to the banal of today’s communicating, elevating my appreciation for a good rom-com and seemingly mindless Internet meme…but ask me why and I may digress into a Marshall McLuhanesque ramble. Yes, I am also an armchair pop culture scientist.

Another fun fact: my statement of purpose for BU’s graduate program was originally composed on a Royal Companion typewriter.

On that note, Tom Hanks is my cultural doppelgänger.