I’m a California girl wishing she had the chops to survive a Nor’easter and secretly wishing to live through one or two. Alas, upon conclusion of my professional “gap years” in Spain and once my MS in Mass Communication from Boston University was fresh off the press, I trekked back to the Bay Area where I began.

Life and work (education included) balance is something odd and elusive, something I’m hunting with the help of this website. 

With inherent social welfare interests, a job feels more important than just “work.” Hence a proclivity toward the third-sector: international non-profit, labor organizations or governmental work (the husband, Alex, claims full responsibility for the labor organizations part).

In part due to my travels and living abroad, I harbor a deep interest in international communications and believe that nowadays (nowadays? Who am I, your grandfather?), with the world being flat, and all, an ear attuned for international affairs adds a layer of understanding to the local things we all do.

Circa 2011, Nebraska.

Speaking of understanding, my education and experience in mass communication, communication strategy, digital media, etc. is grounded in research and theories demonstrating that thoughtful media use and exposure can have significant and direct effects on ourselves and audiences. A high need for cognition keeps me grounded – focused on day-to-day utility of communication tools for business or government needs, outreach, whatever – while my head is increasingly living in the cloud.

Thoughtful media consumption extends to the banal of today’s communicating, my faves being a good rom-com and seemingly mindless Internet meme…but ask me why and I may digress into a Marshall McLuhanesque ramble. Yes, I am also an armchair pop culture scientist.

Another fun fact: my statement of purpose for BU’s graduate program was originally composed on a Royal Companion typewriter.

On that note, Tom Hanks is my cultural doppelgänger.